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01. name, age, sex, location. jen. 15. female. queens, nyc.
02. dating? if so, post 1 picture of your girlfriend/boyfriend! i don't "date". i think it's a waste of time. but recently i've been getting with this one a lot. even though he is fucking disgusting and i hate him.

03. list 10 favorite bands/artists. in no particular order: elvis costello. sloan. piebald. atom & his package. the cure. atmosphere. the pixies. talking heads. ben folds five. beastie boys.
04. list 5 (or more) things you like to do. masturbating. chain smoking. making other people feel uncomfortable. having sex. steal signs.
05. list your least favorite quality (physical or personality) about yourself. i have yet to master the art of self-control.
06. list your favorite quality (physical or personality) about yourself. i am a viking sex goddess. i like my skin color and my vagina.
07. state an embarassing moment. this time my dad was sleep-walking at 2 in the morning and he came into my room while i was masturbating and he asked me if i had done my homework and i was like dude i'm naked and then he left.
08. whats your favorite piece of clothing you own? (show a picture if possible) i found an umbrella with a map of the world on it. i took the fabric part off the metal. i widened the hole in the center and now it is a skirt.
09. why could you are a dirty fuck? (example: "im a slut & have sex all the time" "i never shower" etc...) i am the epitome of working class. i live in a dump. i own a very small amount of clothing and i wear the same jeans like every fucking day. i hate underwear and i rarely make use of it. i am lactose intolerant. i have sex with anyone who is willing. i smoke like a chimney. i never brush my hair and i rarely wash it. i bite my nails. i spend almost all of my free time masturbating. i am narcissistic as fuck and i am willing to do anything to better myself, regardless of how it may affect others.
10. list 5 turn ons. people who are conceited. polocks. being naked. people who are pretentious. redheads.
11. list 5 turn offs. hairy nipples. homophobes. prudes. emo kids. people who are quiet and shy.
12. advertise this community to one other person & give the link to the comment poke me with a q-tip
13. post at least 3 pictures of yourself (at least 2 un-photoshopped) sorry kids. i am too sleazy and poor to afford a digital camera so i cannot take all these sexy pictures like you cats seem to be able to do so well. my friend took this one a long ass time ago. i know it's not much but it's the best i can do. my gift is my sex and it's all for you.

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