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01. name, age, sex, location.
Lauren, 17, Lady, Florida
02. dating? if so, post 1 picture of your girlfriend/boyfriend!
Not so much...
03. list 10 favorite bands/artists.
In no particular order: Bright Eyes, Straylight Run, The Beatles, The Faint, Death Cab For Cutie, Co + Ca, Pink Floyd, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Alkaline Trio
04. list 5 (or more) things you like to do.
Read, write, dance, sing, take pictures, drink, reek havoc on the community
05. list your least favorite quality (physical or personality) about yourself.
06. list your favorite quality (physical or personality) about yourself.
07. state an embarassing moment
In the third grade I had a crush on the boy that lived next door to me. My best friend that lived behind me, Bud, my friend Becky and my other friend Autumn were the only ones I told.

Well, all the kids on the block would play in mine and Bud's backyards all the time. Around Valentine's Day, Bud and I planted Valentines for Damon (the boy next door) to find in our yards and he kept finding him. (At the time we thought we we were being hella clever). We had a three-day weekend on the weekend after Valentine's day and all the neighbor kids were playing this hardcore watergun war which culminated in cookies and lemonade in my backyard. Damon, stood in the middle of the yard, pulled out the Valentines from his pocket and asked if anyone knew who was leaving these for him. There was an resounding chorus of "LAUREN!" from every kid in the neigborhood. Apparently, Becky ran her damn mouth to anyone and everyone.

I was on the tire swing and I fell off and ran in my house and cried. When I came out Damon gave them back to me and told me that was gross.

He's a dweeb now, so I don't feel so bad.

08. whats your favorite piece of clothing you own? (show a picture if possible)

09. why could you are a dirty fuck? (example: "im a slut & have sex all the time" "i never shower" etc...)
Well, not to take from the examples, but my showering schedule is very hit or miss. I try to wash my hair every other day but I usually forget and shower after like three days. But when I work I have to shower afterwards because if I don't I smell like pizza and propane.


Frankly, I'm not that dirty, I suppose.

10. list 5 turn ons
Tolerance, long eylashes, sexy forearms (muscular, but yet scrawny, tattos, not too hairy. Ok yeah, the forearms thing is kinda weird.), good taste, correct grammar.
11. list 5 turn offs
Lying, doing coke, anime (sp?), mysoginy, racism
12. advertise this community to one other person & give the link to the comment
13. post at least 3 pictures of yourself (at least 2 un-photoshopped)
They're kind of old because my camera is broken at the moment and I can't upload any of the more recent ones, nor can I take new ones. I'm working on it though

That's me with my best friend and our tour guide when we went to Chinatown in San Francisco. His name is Roy and he's one way awesome guy.
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