amber (shekills_xxx) wrote in dirty_fucks,

New, age, sex, location.

 Amber Michelle, 15, Female, Georgia.
02. Dating? If so, post 1 picture of your girlfriend/boyfriend!

Not at the moment, but me and my boyfriend may get back together. 03. List 10 favorite bands/artists.

The killers, the cure, the clash, minus driver, non-point, yeahyeahyeahs, muse, a static lullaby, msi, &hot action cop.
04. List 5 (or more) things you like to do.

Take photos, walking through the park, fucking on the playground, eating slushies, &playing on the swings.
05. List your least favorite quality (physical or personality) about yourself.

Basically I hate my fucking stomach. 
06. List your favorite quality (physical or personality) about yourself.

I think my butt is all right I guess, and I like my lips.
07. State an embarrassing moment

When my mother &I had this huge fight and she smacked the hell out of me in front of like two of my best friends. I was like oh hell no &didn’t talk the rest of the night.
08. What’s your favorite piece of clothing you own? (show a picture if possible)

I would have to say my pink &green shirt. Oh but I love my flip-flops too.
09. Why are you are a dirty fuck? (Example: "im a slut & have sex all the time" "i never shower" etc...)

I like to have sex a lot, &yesterday my armpits were just fucking ronchy as a mother. I love to fart at the dinner table.
10. List 5 turn ons:

A cute face, doesn’t smoke, great personality, nice penis, &good sense in everything.
11. List 5 turn offs:

Smokes, bite their nails, horrible face, never showers EVER, &think girls don’t fart like men.
12. Advertise this community to one other person & give the link.shekills_xxx

13. Post at least 3 pictures of yourself (at least 2 un-photo shopped)

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FUCK, i love your application.
and number 4... i love to do all those things as well. hah.
you're hot.

omg fucking at the playground is so the best!
and you are hot too.
hell yeah!
Yes you have a nice head. I love it.
um, you advertised this community to yourself? & those 'OMG' pix are way out of style.
is this community dead.
please talk to me.
yer uggo