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1. Melanie, 18, female, Westlake
2. oui, oui:

3. bowie, air, guster, led zep, the beatles, the new pornographers, the velvet underground, dmb, the cure, rufus wainwright, the doors, vanessa mae, radiohead, counting crows...(jebus-i can't stop!!)

4. twirling, singing and playing the piano and violin when the spirit moves me, shredding paper (yes, i list 'shredding paper' as a hobby.  and yes, i'm aware of how completely ridiculous that is), ebaying, thrifting

5. physical: my height (!  i'm a wee 5'2) ; personality:  anxiety issues :P

6. physical: my septum or my belly button; personality: i make people giggle

7. i clogged a toilet five years ago at my friends birthday party.  my friend took part of it out with two forks and ran around the house, and the birthday girl's dad had to unclog it.  the following year i was a freshmen in high school and seniors i'd never met were asking me about my 'giant turd.'  i'm not even in high school any more but i still hear about it and i'll never forgive my slutbag katie for that one...humiliating...

8. ballet slippers, but i my damn digital camera is shit (in the form of nonexistence at the moment) so no pic :(

9. because it's fun to say and to call oneself (in a self-decapitating manner or otherwise) and i can be a dirty fuck while still spell 'dirty' with one 'r', i'm a fan of free ballin' (without the balls)...and i'm in nursing school and we all know that vinal-clad nurses are h-o-t-t hot sex fiends.

10. foreigners (w/accents!), dorky shaggy-haired boys, moon skin (you know...the white variety like the under-hairless-side of your arm), spontaneity, yummy boy smell, and chocolate-cherry cake (sorry, that was six--gotta have the cake)

11. stupidity(!!), too much body hair, yucky breath, egotism, closed-mindedness

12. i hope this works (it's at the bottom--waaaay bottom)





well kids, i'm outtie like a belly button, rate away!

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