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01. name, age, sex, location. Molly, 16, female, NYC (flushing queens)
02. dating? not
03. list 10 favorite bands/artists. le tigre, electric six, franz ferdinand, something corporate, get up kids, brand new, yeah yeah yeahs, mad caddies, reel big fish, the faint
04. list 5 (or more) things you like to do. mm. masturbate. shop(lift). dance like a fool and scribble all over my walls. and make silent films!
05. list your least favorite quality (physical or personality) about yourself. I forget things a lot...very bad with people's names.
06. list your favorite quality (physical or personality) about yourself. My hair. Sometimes I write good poetry and stories (sometimes its shit). And I'm also very good with my mouth, or so I'm told.
07. state an embarassing moment hm...I was at this Greek fair in my neighborhood. The night was young! and my friend and I were looking to hook up, but all they had at that damn greek fair were greeks..kidding, i love greek people. But seriously, we couldn't find anyone. Until we saw him..And I went up to talk to him and started telling him how beautiful I thought he was..and then, he made the most HOMOSEXUAL GESTURE I've ever seen's so embarrassing, hitting on gay boys. my gaydar has never been good :(
08. whats your favorite piece of clothing you own? (show a picture if possible) ooh i dont have a picture's a little black miniskirt. and its dangerous.
09. why could you are a dirty fuck? (example: "im a slut & have sex all the time" "i never shower" etc...) well. i am VERY grimy. I don't like washing my hands or hair. but dont worry i do, every now and then, when the smell gets offensive.

And sometimes I get a bit loose with my vagina. or mouth..:blush: oh but thats only sometiimes

10. list 5 turn ons guys who wear their pants just a little bit tight (not too tight, thats uh. kinda gross), hispanic people, mm lip rings...oh lip rings..they make me fall down. annd big hands. i pay a lot of attention to hands..if you have nice hands, you have every right to put them down my pants. also if you're funny
11. list 5 turn offs old people.cokeheads.baggy shirts.unmasked unintelligence (if you're dumb but you can hide it, fine) aannnd bad breath (i find that smokers taste kind of good. is that weird?)
12. advertise this community to one other person & give the link to the comment it's at the bottom
13. post at least 3 pictures of yourself (at least 2 un-photoshopped)

oo. sorry i look so serious in this one.
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