Aimee (x_aimee_x) wrote in dirty_fucks,


01. name, age, sex, location.
Hello! My name is Aimee, im 17, Im a girl obviously and Im from the desert! (Arizona)
02. dating? if so, post 1 picture of your girlfriend/boyfriend!

03. list 10 favorite bands/artists.
I like Good Charlotte, Evanescence, Chevelle, Adema, Disturbed, Lillix, Tom Petty, A Perfect Circle, Incubus, Queen, Eve6
04. list 5 (or more) things you like to do.
Taking pictures, watching movies, hanging out with friends, drawing, singing, dancing in my underwear when nobody is home, collecting junk, web design, chat rooms, uhh.. I cant think of anymore
05. list your least favorite quality (physical or personality) about yourself. I would have to say my attitude and that Im stubborn.
06. list your favorite quality (physical or personality) about yourself. My eyes
07. state an embarassing moment
I was at camp with a friend and we were at the bathroom and I REALLY had to go pee and she wouldnt let me in the bathroom and then I was running around saying I really had to pee and then I pissed my pants and just stood there yelling "IT WONT STOPPP!!" lmao.. Also I took a dump in the woods
08. whats your favorite piece of clothing you own? (show a picture if possible)
My kermie socks of course!

09. why could you are a dirty fuck? I like to play in the mud, Im a nymph, I've gone a month without a shower (long story LOL)
10. list 5 turn ons eyes, hands, lips, long hair, gothic chicks
11. list 5 turn offs posers, people that dont know when to shutup, pervs on the net, stinky breath, body hair.. I hate hugging people who look like they have a tree under their armpits or they look like they could be wolverine.
12. advertise this community to one other person & give the link to the comment
13. post at least 3 pictures of yourself (at least 2 un-photoshopped)

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